Club Administration – Friday 19th June

MLGCC Ltd in pre-pack Administration Friday 19th June

It has come to our notice that Mentmore Leisure Golf and Country Club Ltd is in pre-pack administration with Grant Thornton acting in the process.

This means that potentially the business is up for sale. This is not an open sale.

I have therefore taken the opportunity to register an interest on behalf of the members.

It is expected that other parties may be interested in acquiring the club but we have an opportunity for us, the members to possibly organise a “members’ buy out”, and take the club into private membership, owning our own club.

A “focused” group of members have met and are preparing a business plan and projections.

We would like anybody interested in investing in this venture, to register their interest with us at

It would be helpful if you could let us know what financial commitment you would envisage investing. Our initial plans are to offer lots from £500, up to a maximum of £10,000 per member.

i.e £500…….£1,000…….£2,000…….£5,000…….,£10,000 or multiples of £500

With (to be defined and agreed) membership benefits for equity members….as opposed to non-equity members.

It is anticipated that events will move very quickly so if you could respond by Tuesday 23rd June please.

2 thoughts on “Club Administration – Friday 19th June

  1. Hi Lionel, thanks for getting in contact, you can also email me at Are you receiving the emails we are sending out through Intelligent Golf? We realise that not all members have set themselves up to receive emails, so we are now putting the notices on this website. The group that has got together (including both Men & Lady Captain) are do it for the benefit of the members, not ourselves. Its all happening really quickly. If you would like to email me, I’ll send you one of our earlier emails where we were asking members to register their interest. Anne

  2. Dear Lady Captain,

    Both my wife Lorraine and I may be interested in joining a members buy out, I presume all current memberships are lost including Life debentures? Our offer to contribute would obviously depend on the conditions attached. I notice a group have met, are they acting on behalf of the members or themselves, as being a member since the instigation of the club we have received no communication about any of this from anyone.

    Lionel P King.

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