Saturday 20th June

Further Clarification

Basically matters have moved on VERY SWIFTLY this week.

I met with Grant Thornton Thursday and they have been appointed to seek an interested buyer before MLGCC Ltd “probably” go into administration.

This process HAS to be done by next Friday with bids on the table.

I KNOW that there are least 3 other companies bidding plus a possibility another Halibi backed company.

The final decision will be down to Grant Thornton and the major 2 creditors – Halibi and HMRC

This is probably a “once in a lifetime opportunity for the members to own their own club members have an opportunity to buy the assets

Regarding any creditors, the company is not yet in administration therefore it still exists but just not trading. Any claims at this point until administration is declared must remain direct with the company.

Only until it enters administration and public announced and the administrator requests claims from creditors should anyone do anything different.

In short continue to make your claim to Mentmore Leisure Golf and Country Club Limited.

We need to act swiftly if we have a chance of doing this.

Please register your financial commitment at this stage with

2 thoughts on “Saturday 20th June

  1. hello I am a past member and was about to renew my membership to both the gym and golf so I kind of feel I got a lucky escape because I was shocked to here about the club going into administration I would love the opportunity to become one of the owner/members of this great club so if it is ok with you please keep me updated as to the news and my financial investment in the club
    kind regards
    mike payne

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